Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Making a Plan

Years ago I joined a book club but found it difficult to squeeze in the required monthly read and charted meeting. I dropped out. Then I rejoined the same book club a year before retiring. Again I couldn't keep up with the commitment. Time continued to strangle my desire to attend. Now that problem’s solved; time is a pleasant stretch before me rather than an albatross. So I clicked in Book Club.

A dear friend, Ellen, serves as a mainline to great people. Her thoughtfulness toward others and interest in photography draws interesting creative souls.

Photo by Ellen
As our children were growing up, she formed a Wednesday Night Beach Club. We used to meet at Mother’s Beach in Long Beach each Wednesday and bring our little ones. That way, we let the beach entertain the children while we engaged in much needed adult talk. Once they grew up, these meetings transformed into the Wednesday Walking Group. Tat up tap-tat up tap Wednesday Walking Group appeared in the column. It would guaranteee a monthly walk while accompanied by interesting women friends.
So what could be my next entry?
Forty years ago I stuffed a back pack with the basics, strapped it on my back, purchased a ticket to London, and set out on a three month trek through the British Isles and the European mainline. My thumb served as my ticket to transportation.
The architecture, art museums, and expanse of cultures stunned me. It was one of the most glorious periods of my life. Before returning I stood in the streets of Paris determined that I would return within months. Well those months turned into years. Life has many distracters.
A place in my head cleared as I neared my last few weeks before stepping away from the yolk of work. I found myself tapping out House Exchange. Although my finances are secure, my desire to travel would surely outstretch my income. I could expand my options for travel by joining and invite friends to join me on my planned excursions. After all the greatest expense when traveling is the cost of housing. I could virtually eliminate that cost and pass it on to others.

A sigh of relief overcame me as I developed each plan to meet my emotional needs. It all looked so promising that I decided to move on and focus upon my daily activities. How would I structure them? What would replace my tightly organized work world…


  1. Hey Carol-I am enjoying your Blog. Sounds like the perfect thing to be doing! Blog on my dear :)

  2. WOW the pictures really add a nice touch. I figured out how to ad a link to another site. I'll have to come by and show you. How are you doing with finding the music? Happy Blogging may dear


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