Saturday, August 7, 2010

Getting Physical

I awoke this morning convinced that I solved one of mankind's enigmas, human weight gain. It was clear to me that one's life span is directly related to body weight. Well, isn’t it? A case in point, I graduated from high school forty five years ago. So with each advancing year, my weight increased by …? Let me check.
Yikes! After stepping on the scale, I could swear I heard myself screaming.
Enough of this theory.
Back to my mission, charting my RETIREMENT plans.

The next column I created was entitled, Physical Wellbeing, which is pivotal to an active and joyful retirement. This is surely an area I could improve upon. Several years ago, while working on my master’s degree, I experienced a personal evolution. I was slowly transformed from an upright position to a slouched sit. My core muscles turned to jello. I was sure others were snickering as I girated from one place to the other. Excruciating back pain came in waves. My chiropractor, Dr. Betty,  recommended Yoga. The results were amazing. No more spasms, as long as I attended regularly. Yet those core muscles are hungry beasts screaming, flex, flex,  flex. Yoga (3-5x’s per week) appeared under the heading, Physical Wellbeing.

When considering exercise, I felt drawn to the opportunities like a small child at a Carney show. The booths of possibilities were expansive. Yet I quickly chose weight lifting. I’m aware that it is one way to score points toward reducing bone loss, a plus to an aging woman. Right now my time is too limited. But when my retirement days begin to ebb and flow, I surely could insert weight lifting into my routine. My muscles ached already as I tapped out Weight Lifting (4-5x’s per week).

Although walking was already a part of my weekly schedule, I could make it a little more enticing by matching  
it with scenic locations. I would have plenty of time to drive a little further and enjoy some of Southern California sights. Simple, so
I entered Walking followed by the bullets: Seal Beach, Boardwalk, Marina, Bluffs, Crystal Cove.

I expired all of my plans for regular activity. A few more were of interest but would probably not be as frequent: Bicycling and Kayaking. Collectively they would all keep my endorphins pumping while reducing body weight.

Retirement Bliss